Technology is becoming one of the most important element in this Digital age of music production & DJing. Any kind of music that is recorded or Played for the purpose of being promoted or shared is being produced . There are more features that will help to speed up a tempo, compress some of the sounds, and even remove some of the background noises.

Whether you plan on making a career in music production or not, you need to be aware of how technology is being used. If you’re an artist and want to create a music video, or you’re a band and want to record your first solo, there are Softwares that will do a lot of the work for you. It will help you Produce the sounds and add some unique special effects according the the requirement.

Minimalist beats, for example, can be achieved through the use of different software programs. There is silence in between some of the beats, which can contrast against some of the more intense sounds of a track. This silence has a way of creating a palpable beat that people feel rather than hear.

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Side chaining is a technique that has developed recently through the use of new technology. It is a production technique that began in Europe and has been spreading down into India, Australia, and even across to the United States.A lot of our students are using these techniques in their tracks. It involves quieting the harmonies that have been synthesised each time a kick drum begins. This is known as a “breathing” effect and has been used by a number of mainstream artists in the past few years.

There are also pitch shifting programs that are making an impact on how sounds are produced. The sound you start with when you are up on stage with a microphone or in a recording booth is going to be very different than the finished product if you are using any kind of technology. Some people say that it is destroying music while others say that it is improving music.

The level of technology used by a DJ in today’s times can be considered the highest because they are taking a sound and then remixing it and re-engineering the sounds in a variety of different ways to appeal to the crowd they are playing to.

There are many courses we have that will teach you what you need to know about the technology in music production  & DJing as a whole so you can be at the level you need to be. As you learn about the ways to produce your music and even produce the music of others, you can obtain the skills needed to produce a better sound that can be shared with the masses. What you do to raw music for sharing online can be very different than how you would prepare it for going on an album.

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The reason you need to learn about the technology is to understand how it is impacting the music that you create, how it can make improvements, and how to use it responsibly to get the sounds that you desire most. Without truly understanding and embracing the technology that exists today, you would be behind the times and unable to produce sounds similar to those within the music industry.

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Music Trend : Promoting Music

When people wanted to publish or promote music in the past, they generally made a demo tape. This would be sent out to dozens, hundreds, and potentially even thousands of music producers in the hopes of “making it big”. New technology has replaced demo tape to Digital music trend on the cloud.

If you want to promote music with a large amount of people, the easiest option is to put the song or track onto a platform where it can then be accessed or viewed by audience. There is the option of making it available to the general public or creating a private Platform that can only be accessed if a person has the link or Login Details.

By placing music on the Internet based platform, it becomes more accessible and easier to share with the masses. If you are getting ready to look for shows After Doing a Course from a Professional Institute, you may want to promote some of your music on the cloud and then release it to different producers to show them what you have.

It can also be of great advantage to open it up to the general public so that the sound cloud will track how many people have already listened to the song. Producers look for marketability. If there are already several thousand listens on a song, they are going to be more impressed than if you had only a handful. This allows you to prove that you have what it takes to produce or play music that people want to listen to – and it may a great chance to land up a deal with the record Label.

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You won’t have to worry about buying blank CDs. It will be easier to get the attention you need by using the cloud for getting your music out to more Audiences. Once you have a song Produced or Demo, you can choose the best internet platform. Platforms like Mix cloud or Sound Cloud is being used by a number of musicians and is designed for Promoting and getting more people to know you. From there, you can use the link that is created to share with potential employers, producers, and more.

It is a great way to show off your Music, regardless of whether you’re a band, a solo artist, or Duo. Global DJ academy can guide you into this Direction. At some point, you have to use the knowledge you have gained over the Music Course and use it to get Gigs ,shows etc. When you want more people to hear what you can do, it’s important to use the technology that is currently available.

The cloud is an affordable solution that allows you to get your sound to more people, all over the globe.

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Is Audio Engineering the right course to do for Music producers ?

Global dj blogIs Audio Engineering the right course to do for Producing Music ?
Does Audio Engineering course leads one to produce own music?  Well,not completely if we say in layman’s language Audio engineering is completely about hardware and manual work in production and some of the topics given below:
•  physics of sound
• Recording gear operation
• Understanding acoustic environments and studio design
Live Sound
• Film Sound
• Ears Training programme
• Advanced Digital Tech
Relevantly this is not the course to pursue for a Music Production! Yes it partly covers 15-20% of music production course, but majorly with other topics only.

Whereas Electronic Music Production course leads one to produce own music.
which cover the following topics :
• Understanding Workflow Techniques.
• Recording and Editing Audio and MIDI.
• Using Software Instruments.
• Working with Audio Effects.
• Mixing and Automation.
• programming & arrangment
• Manipulating Pitch and Time
• Mixing & Mastering

This course also covers some essential parts audio engineering course in which Further helps for producing a music like Acoustic sound, psychoacoustic perception of sound in sound theory.
So the perception of doing audio engineering to produce music is wrong approach.

Here at Global Dj Academy we have a complete intensive Electronic Music Production course designed to get our students professionally qualified as a Music producer.

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